Meso-Bio-Tighten Face Treatment

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Meso-Bio-Tighten Face Treatment

Mesotherapy and Radio frequency treatments are said to be favoured by celebrities such as Courteney Cox and Angeline Jolie to provide a plumped up, toned and radiant complexion.

At YUU Beauty, utilising state-of-the-art technology we have combined both these celebrity must have treatments and added in even more rejuvenating qualities to ensure the ultimate face treatment.

The Meso-Bio-Tighten Facial starts with a thorough cleanse and exfoliation using Dermaquest products to slough away dead skin cells and rejuvenate. Needle-free Mesotherapy is the second stage which infuses the skin with a topical blend of plant based vitamins and antioxidants to improve texture and tone. Radio frequency, which gently heats the skin and is often referred to as the lunch-time face lift due to its immediate tightening and toning effects, is then utilised as well as a micro current to stimulate existing and encourage new collagen and elastin to grow to further tighten and tone. The final stage of the treatment is a firming mask. All of these elements combined will reverse the signs of ageing, promote skin tightening and ensure an overall youthful complexion.


• Brighter, tighter and clearer skin

• Visible results after one session

• Virtually pain-free procedure

• Intense collagen boost

• Safe alternative to a surgical facelift

• Suitable for most skin types

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