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NO HANDS® Massage

NO HANDS® Massage available Glasgow

45 mins £40

Course of 5 £175

The essence of the idea is simple: instead of using our hands to massage, NO HANDS® practitioners make use of our forearms, elbows, knees, shoulders etc. Initially developed to save therapists careers from the problems of repetitive strain injury to the joints of the wrists, hands and fingers.

What has become apparent through twenty years of development is that by using these techniques, not only is the original goal achieved, but the techniques also allow the therapist to perform much deeper and more powerful massage than was previously possible. As if that wasn’t enough, because the therapists in NO HANDS® Massage are trained to move from their Hara (energy centre) whilst practising the techniques, they are able to connect with their clients on a deep energetic level, adding a new dimension to the massage treatments.




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