Dermapen - the next step for your skin.


10 September 2019

Dermapen - the next step for your skin.

If you are wanting to treat a range of skin issues, or restart your skin, why not try our Dermapen treatment?

Our Dermapen treatment is a micro-needling facial that stimulates the skin's healing response encouraging the production of precious growth factors, collagen and elastin for a naturally rejuvenated, revitalised and regenerated skin.

The Dermapen is able to treat various conditions such as ageing, wrinkles, ultra violet damage, hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, vitiligo, rosacea, telangiectasia, problematic acne, dilated pores, milia, keratosis pilaris, scarring, stretch marks,  and more. This treatment can work on all skin tones.

Our therapists are qualified and perform this treatment under a strict sterile procedure. All treatment consumables are single-use and sterile.

You will see results just after one treatment, but if you want a further result, a lot of our clients get a few sessions, depending on their skin issues.

We use mild numbing cream that provides total comfort for Dermapen Professional and Medical procedures. Dermapen's unique oscillating system further increases tolerance by diffusing nerve sensation.

After the treatment, Make-up may be used 24 hours post-procedure to reduce any visible redness. Most patients can resume normal activities immediately after a clinical Dermapen treatment.

Generalised rejuvenation can be achieved in as little as three treatments. Conditions such as scarring and stretch marks may require a minimum of five sessions. Depending on the condition being targeted, treatments are performed on average 4 - 8 weeks.

If you would like to know more or to book, get in contact from the below details!


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