Skincare Hydration | The Top 7 Myths

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04 April 2023

Skincare Hydration | The Top 7 Myths

We all want beautifully hydrated skin and some of us will go to extreme lengths to attain that Instagram filter glow. But sometimes, our routines can do more harm than good.

From bizarre trends such as using fermented fruit or bee venom face masks, to more common myths around how to achieve clear skin, it’s no doubt that we live in a world of misinformation, fuelled by the web and social media.

So, we’re here to debunk the 7 most common myths around hydration, to make your journey to clear skin a lot easier.

Myth 1

Drinking a lot of water will hydrate your skin

Water, is of course, excellent at hydrating our bodies. Every cell depends on it and we need it to maintain a healthy glow. But it’s not enough on its own, so don’t be fooled into thinking that 3 litres of water a day is all you need.  External factors, from the humidity in the air, the skincare products we use, and even our female hormones can contribute to dry skin.

Myth 2

Heavy creams provide deeper hydration

The effectiveness of a moisturiser actually depends on its ingredients, rather than its consistency. Heavy moisturisers can feel cakey, which can lead us to assume that it’s hydrating more than a lotion or a lighter cream but if it lacks key ingredients, the texture and thickness won’t compensate for that.  Invest in products that contain glycerine and hyaluronic acid to help draw moisture into the skin.

Myth 3

Hot showers and baths are good for hydrating the skin

A steamy shower or sitting in the sauna can be beneficial for our skin every once in a while. But on a daily basis, this can quickly dry it out by stripping away its natural oils. If you love a hot bath, you don’t need to avoid them, just try them in moderation and always rinse your face with lukewarm water, instead of water from the bath.  

Myth 4

Caffeine dehydrates the skin

Surprisingly, you don’t need to avoid tea or coffee to maintain healthy skin. Drinking too much of it will act as a diuretic, which can, over time, dehydrate us but science hasn’t shown evidence that drinking coffee in moderation will dehydrate our skin, and applying it topically actually has some great benefits at fighting signs of ageing!

Myth 5

You need to exfoliate daily to keep your skin hydrated

We highly advise against this one in particular.  Our skin has a complex ability to generate its own moisture, and exfoliating daily will damage the skin’s natural barrier, leading to increased dryness and sensitivity. So what should you do? We recommend that you exfoliate once or twice per week.

Myth 6

Hydrating mists can replace moisturisers

Hydrating mists provide quick bursts of moisture, but they’re not a substitute for a proper moisturiser. It’s best to use a hydrating mist in conjunction with a moisturiser, to help lock in that hydration.

Myth 7

Hyaluronic acid works best when applied to dry skin

As a key ingredient for hydration, hyaluronic acid is a must. It’s found in many skincare products and can be purchased on its own as a serum. But you need to use it correctly to get all the benefits, when it’s misused, it can actually have the opposite effect. It absorbs moisture like a sponge, bringing moisture from the air to the skin’s surface and when applied to dry skin, it can dry it out further. Always apply a moisturiser, or water to your skin first as a baseline before applying hyaluronic acid.  

Simple steps to help achieve hydrated skin 

The top three science-backed practices which will truly make a difference to your skin are simple:

  1. Make sure you drink water regularly throughout the day
  2. Get enough good sleep so you wake feeling ready for the day
  3. Eat a healthy diet, avoiding excess sugar and salt

If you’re already doing these things and your skin needs a little extra TLC, then a HydraFacial Platinum Treatment will deliver immediate and long-lasting results that you can see and feel.

If you’re not sure what your skin needs, get in touch with us or explore our dry skin treatments here 


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