Soprano ICE Laser Hair Removal - the BEST way to remove unwanted hair!


10 September 2019

Soprano ICE Laser Hair Removal - the BEST way to remove unwanted hair!

Since Soprano ICE came to our clinic we have seen some amazing results from this treatment.

This treatment is unique in that it not only is specifically designed for Dark, Tanned, and Sensitive Skin, it means you have less waiting time if you want to resume your course after a Summer holiday.

We have had thousands of clients come to our salon to use this treatment, and for a lot, it has changed their lives - and they have since brought in brothers, sisters, mums and dads to experience it too!

By combining advanced cooling technology and Gold Standard (patented) laser techniques, Soprano ICE laser hair removal can give you painless, long term hair reduction. Soprano ICE has clinical results and it outperforms other global hair reduction treatments.

In multiple clinical studies conducted by leading dermatologists, Soprano ICE laser hair removal has been proven as safer, equally or more effective, and results are considerably less painful than other laser hair removal technologies. It can also be used all year round on all hair and skin types.

Soprano ICE laser hair removal cools the skin with an encircled sapphire tip, preventing surface burns while maintaining heat within the dermis. This high fluency delivery system provides an even more comfortable and faster treatment with improved results for light coloured and thin hair. A lighter and improved ergonomic design also means Soprano ICE laser hair removal is now even easier to use and can be used to treat smaller and difficult to target areas like the eyebrows, nose and ears.

Simply put, it is:

• 100% Safe

• Painless

• Specifically designed for Dark or Tanned and Sensitive Skin

• Quick and Long Term results

• More Powerful and Precise than IPL

• Specialist Consultation with our Qualified Therapists

Soprano ICE laser hair removal is completely safe with high quality equipment and experienced qualified therapists. Because the treatment uses only light (no chemicals, radiation etc.) there's no damage to your skin and only hair follicles are affected. There is no radiation, no UV rays or nasty chemicals involved.

At the start, you get a half hour consultation where we ask you a few questions and do a test patch. This is to determine that you have no reaction to the laser, and after 48 hours, you can book in for your first session. Depending on the area, you will see us every 4-6 weeks for a session that sometimes only needs 15 minutes. Autumn and Winter is the perfect time to start your course, as you will need to allow two weeks before and two weeks after a sunny holiday to have Soprano.

Why not get started today? Get in touch with your local salon here!


T: 0131 555 1656


38 Craighall Road

Edinburgh, EH6 4RU


T: 0141 280 1887


103 St Vincent Street

Glasgow, G2 5EA


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