Why You Should Join Our Beauty Club

Why You Should Join Our Beauty Club

10 December 2021

Why You Should Join Our Beauty Club

Why You Should Join Our Beauty Club

Have you ever been a part of a Salon Membership? After a trip to Yuu Beauty, we want our clients to feel like a superior version of themselves. That's why we designed our Beauty Club Memberships for regular clients to save money, as well as enable you to put the best effort into the version of yourself you wish to portray to the world!

With three different membership options, we have tried to be as inclusive of everyone's budget as possible. So if you're wondering what our Beauty Club Memberships could do for you, then you've come to the right place.

What is a Salon Membership?

Ultimately, a Salon Membership is a means of encouragement to engage in a consistent & regular Beauty/Self Care routine that will help you maintain a polished appearance, target a pressing skin concern or reduce your stress levels, but most importantly it gives you something to look forward too!

Depending on the membership you go for, you’ll set up a monthly standing order to which you will receive FREE credit & many other benefits. Adding on the cushion of Free Credit not only allows your Beauty Routine to fit your budget, but it encourages you to try treatments you may not have considered previously.

What other benefits do I get?

Besides Priority Sunday Booking and the Free Credit we add to your membership, you can get a 10% Discount on ALL retail products PLUS up to 20% OFF Soprano Titanium Laser Courses, renowned for its results, this is one of the best advantages of our Beauty Club Memberships. More benefits listed below:

Benfits to joining Yuu Beauty club

Feel like the real you again, sign up today!

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