SVS Lashes – your favourite lash treatment!

Our SVS Lashes are the perfect way to get bespoke lashes, perfectly fitted to you and your taste.

The application method requires your technician to create ‘fans’ from each lash, to create a fuller appearance.

Each fan is made up of 3 different length lashes which when applied creates a fluffy, textured look, as opposed to the uniform lengths of a Russian Volume lash, which creates a more dramatic, dense look. Each ‘fan’ is made to the requirement of the client, which is up to 4D. This makes it perfect for those who want a full, glamorous set of lashes in a lot less time.

It also gives you more control over the volume, as the fanning technique allows our therapist to customise each set exactly how you want it.

To maintain the ultimate SVS look, infill treatments can be conducted after 3-4 weeks, rather than the usual 2-3 weeks for classic lash extension treatments.

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