Vein Away

The VeinAway™ system is one of the world’s most advanced thread vein removal technologies, offering quicker results and virtually no pain, compared to other vein removal technologies on the market.

Your new favourite treatment.

The Vein Away machine has arrived at Yuu Beauty where it will take place amongst our already top of the range treatments.

This treatment can be used for many issues including:

  • Thread veins
  • Milia
  • Skin tags

It is also more controlled, allowing a more comfortable experience for you. It can be used on sensitive areas including the face and ankles. It provides safe and effective treatments with immediate and visible results.

The Vein Away machine can be used to treat skin tags that can occur as you get older.

Before & After.

Treatment Pricing.

Thread Veins£99£149
Skin Tags£75£125

What do I need to know before treatment?

The therapists in the salon have undergone intensive training to make sure they provide the best treatment for you, and can answer any questions you have about the machine.

Following treatment, skin will be red and feel warm. In most cases redness will calm down within the day, depending on skin type. There may be slight redness in the skin surrounding the treated vein for a few days. The skin may also be slightly dry. The vessels will gradually fade and clear away. Further treatments on the face can be carried out after five to six weeks.
For the first 48 hours:

• Do not keep touching treated area
• Wash skin gently, no scrubbing or rubbing
• Avoid stretching the skin
• If you are prone to flushing (Rosacea) avoid alcohol and spicy food
• Avoid excessive exercise, nothing to cause sweating or dilation of the capillaries
• Avoid direct sun exposure for a minimum of 72 hours

You will need to pay a £20 Consultation Fee for Thread Veins.

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Stay in
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