Which Type of Massage Therapy is Best? | The Top 6

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21 February 2023

Which Type of Massage Therapy is Best? | The Top 6

From relieving stress to easing physical aches and pains, massage has become a popular remedy in the modern-day world for improving our general well-being.  And as the science of our anatomy is better understood than ever, massage therapy is increasingly used to target and treat specific ailments.

So, when it comes to deciding which type of massage is best for you, the number of options can feel overwhelming. But, it all starts with identifying the problem that you’re facing.

Here are 6 types of massage techniques, with what each one does for the body…

For stress

The ‘stress fix’ massage

By combining Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage techniques, foot reflexology and acupressure points, the ‘stress fix’ massage provides the ultimate relief for emotional tension.

It uses lavender and sage aroma throughout the massage to aid relaxation – ideal for those looking to restore their mental balance and well-being.

For back pain

Classic Swedish massage

As a classic form of Western massage, the ‘Swedish massage’ is perhaps the most commonly known, and popular therapy for treating back pain. Using long strokes to knead the soft tissue, it improves circulation around the body, to relieve joint stiffness, tension and pain.

For pregnancy

The pregnancy massage

Mild discomfort, heaviness, and swelling are natural symptoms during pregnancy, especially during the last trimester.  The ‘pregnancy massage’ uses safe techniques to create a feeling of weightlessness for pregnant women, to alleviate these symptoms.

It also assists in spinal alignment to relieve discomfort and physical fatigue, and improves circulation to decrease swelling.

This massage is suitable from 14 weeks up until the birth of your baby.

For deep aches, pains, and bodily tension

The hot shell lava massage

Using hot shells to glide over the body, this massage is designed to target deep aches and pains of the soft tissue. Especially helpful during cold months, where our muscles tense up, the heat of this massage helps with arthritic pain, sports injuries, and general muscular discomfort.  Varying technique, pressure and precision will be used by the therapist to target the specific region of pain.

For fatigue, migraines, anxiety and depression*

The Indian head massage

As the clue is in the name, this massage derives from India, and has ancient roots in treating mental fatigue, low mood and anxiety. Using historic Ayurvedic techniques, It works by releasing and boosting energy to the brain, synchronising the left and right hemispheres in the process.

Note *Massage therapy is designed to aid emotional well-being, rather than serve as a cure. If you are feeling depressed, anxious, or unwell, consult your doctor

For emotional balance

Aromatherapy massage

No matter how well we try to look after ourselves, the stresses of everyday life can quickly throw our emotional balance, and our bodies, out of rhythm.

The aromatherapy massage uses essential oils which are incredibly potent in relaxing the respiratory, nervous, circulatory and endocrine systems, to restore harmony.

This massage evokes pleasant memories, and gently uplifts your mood and energy, so if you haven’t been feeling quite yourself lately, this massage could be the one for you!

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